How Can a Christian Life Coach Help Me

The concept of Christian life coaches is relatively new and may Christians are still toying with the idea of whether it’s right to seek the help of one and what they can get from such a relationship. The way of a Christian is full of roadblocks and pitfalls and one needs someone with similar beliefs to navigate through such obstacles.

Christian life coaches seek to help Christians maximize their potential without dropping the values that make them Christians in the first place. Sure, we have church on Sunday and the ability to seek out our pastor when in grave spiritual conflict. However, the life of a Christian touches on many more aspects in both their economical, personal and spiritual being. Having a Christian life coach is like having a mentor or advisor – only this time, the coach is working from the principals of the Bible to guide you along a path that doesn’t conflict with your faith.

As a Christian, you face day to day challenges, or perhaps at a certain time in your life you may come across great obstacles for which you need wise counsel. For a long time, Christians have not had a means to work closely with someone to get personalized advice and direction in such cases within the framework of the Bible. That need is what a Christian life coach seeks to fill. Although anyone can be a Life Coach, proper training, certification, and credentialing is important! Here is some Christian Life Coach Training information.

A life coach is trained to help one base their decisions on the examples set out by Christ and the teachings in the Bible. It can get conflicting for christians today to make decisions on their careers, relationships or general life decisions without compromising who they are. Most of the support systems in society are secular and thus are not tailored to fulfill the spiritual needs of the Christian. With a life coach, one can make these same decisions from a Christian stand point.

A Christian Life Coach is more personalized to one’s needs. They can be a confidante during certain times, listening to your problems and helping you find the answers you seek. They can also act as a spiritual support system, interceding for you during challenges. When making major decisions, they can guide you and keep you from departing from your morals.

Away from conflicts and hard times, a Christian life coach can also act as a personal teacher/coach, helping one understand who they are, their purpose in life and how to go about fulfilling that purpose. They can act as the rock that one falls back on in their daily discoveries as a Christian. Over time, they can help one to be a better Christian and to understand the Word of God at a deeper level.

In the same way people run to lawyers for legal guidance or recovering addicts have sponsors, Christians too can get a life coach to be by their side during calm and turbulent times.


What Is Reverse Mentoring?

Typically, a mentorship scenario has an older person showing the younger person how to skip the hoops in a particular industry. Due to their accumulated knowledge at the workplace, they offer invaluable expertise to the ‘newbies’, breaking down industry jargon, showing them how to relate with industry players and how to climb the corporate ladder.

mentorReverse mentoring is the absolute opposite. Here it’s the younger guys showing the older clique how to go about doing some things. It’s a new trend at the work place but one that has been due for quite a while. For the first time, age takes a back seat and the mentor becomes the mentee.

Where’s the knowledge?

When it comes to certain sectors of knowledge, the young guys beat the older folks 10-nil. I am talking about technology-related fields and navigating the internet. The older generation grew up banging on a typewriter and handling paper copies of documents. Things have changed drastically at the workplace and the new employees come in ready to seamlessly adapt to the new trends in business. The older generation however is already struggling to keep up with computers, yet here comes tablets, applications and what not. Get the picture?

Yes, the young folks have a lot to teach the older mentors. Let’s start with the internet. The older guys can be taught a thing or two about how to set up email accounts, download and install software, set up chat and teleconferencing equipment. This way, they can adapt to working out of the office. Then there’s social media. The older folks need to embrace the various networking portals available. By setting up twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, they can triple their networking efforts and create much broader circles of professional peers.

What’s This New Technology?

The other huge area that reverse mentoring applies to, is in regards to technology. Everyday new gizmos are coming up and the older folks, being conservative as they are, are not quick to jump onboard. To avoid being left behind, they need the younger guys to show them how to go about their tablets and smart phones, installing and running applications.

Lastly, there’s the fresh take that young people bring into workplace setting. They are not tainted by the stains of office politics or workplace loyalty. They are full of ideas and even though what they say may not be taken as the best idea in the room, they do provide an interesting perspective to corporate problems. We can all agree that business solutions today demand ingenious and daring solutions. That is what the young people bring to the table.

Symbiotic Mentor Relationship

The process of reverse mentoring is not ill-conceived or meant to tilt the scales of seniority at the workplace. It’s a simple symbiotic relationship where both parties come together and build each other. The old teach the young things that they can only learn through years of experience while the younger guys teach the old things that they already have a hard time grasping. At the end of the day- both people emerge winners.

Reverse mentoring has only been around for a few years and is still a new concept in many places. Segments of the conservative older generation may reel under the notion of having to learn something new from ‘kids out of school’. However, with proper inculcation, reverse mentoring is a strong tool that can kill two birds with one stone.

Both groups need to cooperate, operate in utmost goodwill and have the willingness to learn. In the end, both sides of the generation will be able to work together as a team, unhindered by either technology or experience thereby accomplishing more.

Mentoring: A Legacy Activity

How would you like to influence others? Or more importantly how would you like others to remember you?  In all you do and whoever you do it to, you have a say on how you will be remembered.  Right now as you work, you are writing a script on how you will be perceived long after you have stopped working. It is in this regard therefore that you should think about who you are going to mold and help such that when you are gone you will be able to sit back and be glad that you did whatever you have done. This basically defines what a legacy is all about. In terms of careers, there are several ways in which you can influence people. The one that many people are familiar with is mentorship. But then there is leaving a legacy.

With mentorship, you have to be physically present and ensure that your pupil gets to do things as you instruct them. With a legacy, all you need to do is to do things in the right way and leave it for people to decide whether you have done it well enough to be emulated or otherwise. This can be difficult owing to the fact that you may not really have the capability to persuade people to follow your example but if you consider putting down all you have done in a material that can be retrieved later for reference then you will have nailed it. Not only can being a mentor leave behind a legacy of value by passing on your knowledge and values, but it can also add value to your life.

Consider for a moment being  a Mentor and having conversations with other like minded people who want to succeed just like you do.  A great example of this is a program by John Thornhill Partnership to Success. John’s students success is his legacy. 100’s of online marketers owe part of their success to him. One of my Mentors who I appreciate and owe much of my success to is Don Wilson.

Mentoring For Legacy

A good number of the people who leave behind legacies do it by writing memoirs. Memoirs are biographies that are written from an angle that the writer chooses to. If you went down this road then you will be able to influence people three or four generations after your own. With memoirs, people will be able to read about your works over and over and if they find it as interesting and helpful they will recommend it to others. Now, if you are thinking about leaving behind a memoir and are not too sure about your writing skills then you can always use an accomplished writer. This way you will be an able to have your words written in such a way that it is as captivating and as helpful as possible. This will also happen from the angle you choose. The beauty of this kind of writing is that you get to determine how people read about you and your career life.

Tips on finding your legacy

As a great leader, sacrifice will always confront you. This is an opportunity where you will establish another new page in your legacy. Some are small, others are big but all in all they may lead you to glory.

personal legacyYou may not be able to recognize the sacrifice your life is asking for, but may be every opportunity and decision before you is subject to be part of your great legacy. May be you might be a business leader, looking for new pathways for your organization. Perhaps in your family you are the sole bread winner. Some might be graduate students who are pursuing new fields and thus sacrifice money, time and energy. Others may be moved to a new place or might change their careers where they sacrifice comfort and safety for the unknown and new. Majority are parents or guardians who are endowed with roles of protecting and comforting your loved once as you try to hide those tears of exhaustion coming down your face. Every action done, decision made, role played will always be part of your legacy. Your biggest sacrifice might be hidden somewhere and you are yet to discover it. As they always say that sacrifice is not a onetime payment but an ongoing process.

Future and life legacy will always test you. Will always knock on your door and noble heart asking if you are in a position to take up a certain cross, or love a certain person, a family, a company or a nation. Someone somewhere will be appreciative of your sacrifices; you may not notice how greatly it impacts on their lives.

There are several examples to illustrate how many people have sacrificed their lives for the sake of loved ones. There exists a man who came to the US in search of money to cater for his children’s education.  For over eight years he did not see his kids. You will always see him on the phone talking to his sons, daughters and wife while tears of love rolls down his cheek. Just for the sake of his children’s well upkeep, he decided to sacrifice his love for their sake.

We have those whose jobs entail a lot of traveling. Most of the time they feel exhausted due to long travels, they have to endure just for the sake of their families, company and even country.

Whether in family life, business, communities or nation, the sacrifices you make today creates many pages in your legacy. It was recently shared by an expert in leadership called Chris Widener that most pilots have perished because they operated disabled aircraft. They preferred cockpit familiarity to that of parachute unfamiliarity. You may wonder how many people are willing to look at sacrifice from the pilots’ perspective.

By the time sacrifice comes, may be you will be holding on to familiarity or comfort. Sacrifices are mostly time oriented activities, be it for service, change, love or for better future.

For you to have a lasting legacy, you must make a sacrifice. Making sacrifice is not based on what you do, but bases on who you are.  Everything changes the moment you see this and have an understanding of what it entails. You start seeing life from a different perspective. All occurrences, events, and situations will turn to great opportunities for you to do what is required of you.

If your goal is to succeed in life, then begin by studying those people who already have attained that great success. In your success plan, include their habits that you seem to like and feel that they will be of great help in your course. Select a couple of things you would like to work o them immediately. With this, your life will be transformed step by step. Have faith and keep believing in whatever you undertake. Keep on trying new things as they always open up new doors. You may be able to develop new talents as you gain an understanding of the world at large. Through this, you might be able to undertake something that has never been performed by anybody else. Something unique and thus leave your legacy.